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Antipasti (starter)
Pollo (Chicken)
Pesce (Fish)
Bistecca (Steaks)
Bambini Menu
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Antipasti (Starter)

What else?
Antipasto di Pesce£6.95
Seafood salad marinated in olive oil, white wine & garlic
Cocktail dl Gamberetti£5.50
Prawns with Marie rose sauce served on a bed of lettuce
Deep fried whitebait
Spare Ribs£6.50
Barbecued to our very own recipe
Ali di Pollo£5.70
Chicken wings, cooked in a barbecue sauce with a touch of chilli
Ali di Pollo Picante£5.95
Chicken wings cooked with mushrooms, onions, fresh chilli peppers, tomatoes, white wine & demi-glaze
Thin slices of beef fillet, marinated in lemon juice & olive oil served with flakes of fresh parmesan cheese
Fungi Ripieni(V)£5.50
Mushrooms filled with garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs
Fungi al Peperoncino£5.95
Mushrooms cooked in white wine, tomato, chilli, garlic and a touch of cream
Fungi Pastore£6.30
Mushrooms stuffed with goat's cheese, deep-fried & served with black cherry conserve
Gamberoni Carrozza£8.50
Breded King prawns, pan fried, topped with tomato and mozzarella cheese with a touch of garlic and mild chilli
Gamberoni All Aglio£8.50
King Prawns cooked in a garlic sauce with a touch of chilli
Cozze Australiane£6.80
Half shelled Mussels, cooked in white wine, garlic, onion, cream & tomato sauce
Calamari Fritti£5.95
Battered squid rings deep fried and served with tartare sauce
Formaggio in Carrozza£5.70
Fried brie served with a tomato and basil sauce
Salmone e Mascarpone e Basilico£6.95
Smoked salmon rolled in Mascarpone & fresh basil
Mozzarella Caprese(V)£5.70
Baby mozzarella with fresh tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil
Polpette Picante£6.10
Spicy meatballs
Polpette Boscaiola£6.10
Meatballs cooked in red wine with mushrooms, garlic, tomato and a touch of chilli
Bruschetta Al Pomodoro(V)£3.50
Chopped fresh tomato with garlic, basil & olive oil served on bruschetta
Sardine all' Aglio£5.90
Grilled sardine in garlic and white wine sauce & a touch of lemon
Fegatini di Pollo£5.90
Chicken liver pan-fried with onion, garlic, a touch of chilli, white wine and demi-glace
Polpette Valdostana (Falafel)(V)£5.10
Veg ball pan-fried, topped with tomato, mushroom, and garlic, baked in the oven with mozzarella cheese
Any of our pasta dishes may be selected as a starter
Garlic Pizza(V)£3.90
Garlic Pizza with tomato(V)£4.50
Garlic Pizza with Mozzarella(V)£4.90
Garlic Pizza Diavola - Chilli & Onions(V)(Spicy)£4.90


Rolled Pasta filled with Minced Beef and Spiniach, topped with Cream and Tomato Sauce
Pasta intervleaved with Bolognnese Sauce, topped with Cream Sauce
Spaghetti Bolognese£8.00
Bolognese sauce with fresh basil and garlic
Spaghetti Carbonara£8.20
A rich and well-loved Sauce with bacon, vream and egg
Risotto Marinara£9.00
Risotto cooked with seafood, white wine and tomato
Fettuccini Alla Matriciana£8.50
Pasta with tomato sauce, onions, bacon, and chilli pepper
Penne Alla Puttanesca£8.50
Penne pasta with spicy tomato, black olives, anchovies, capers, garlic & chilli pepper
Farfalle Al Salmone£9.00
Butterfly pasta cooked with smoked salmon, a touch of tomato, parsley and fresh cream
Penne Al Forno£8.70
Penne pasta cooked with ham, mushrooms, bolognese sauce, salami and cheese then baked in oven
Tortellini Casalinga £9.50
Cooked in bolognese, peas, ham, salami, peppers, mushrooms and a touch of cream
Gnocchi Gorgonzola£8.50
Potato, pasta cooked with tomato, basil and cream with gorgonzola and bacon and a touch of chilli
Seafood Pancake£9.50
Mixed seafood cooked in tomato and mozzarella, baked in a pancake
Pollo Pancake£9.50
Chicken cooked in a cream and mushroom sauce, baked in a pancake
Risotto Campagnola£9.50
Risotto with chicken and mushrooms cooked in a creamy sauce with a touch of tomato
Spaghetti Con Polpette£9.00
Pasta with meatballs cooked in a tomato and basil sauce with a touch of garlic
Spaghetti Con Gamberoni£11.50
Spaghetti with King Prawns, garlic, tomato and fresh basil, wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven
Fettuccine Al Aldo£11.95
Fettuccine cooked in a cream sauce with King Prawns, spinach and a touch of chilli


Garlic Pizza(V)£3.90
Garlic Pizza with Tomato(V)£4.50
Garlic Pizza with Mozzarella(V)£4.90
Garlic Pizza Diavola - Chilli & Onions(V)(Spicy)£4.90
Cheese and Tomato
Ham and mushroom
Spicy Italian salami and onions
Spicy Italian Salami, Sicilian sausage, olives and fresh chilli peppers (hot)
Tuna and prawns
Anchovies and olives
Ham, pineapple and peppers
Artichokes, ham and onions
Peppers, courgettes and onions
Calzone Napoli£8.50
Folded and filled with ham and mushrooms
Anchovies, salami and olives
Della Casa(Spicy)£8.60
Meatballs, onions and chilli
Al Pollo£9.00
Chicken, mushrooms and sweetcorn
Aldo's Special£9.90
Spicy salami, mushrooms and hotdog
Bologna Pizza£9.90
Pizza with bolognese sauce, chicken, ham, hotdog, salami, meatballs and bacon
Calzone Formaggione Spinach(V)£9.70
Pizza folded and filled with Ricotta, mozzarella and spinich
Pizza Mare£9.95
Mixed seafood
You can add extra or choose your own toppings: Chicken, prawns, tuna, mussels, parma ham, parmesan
Peppers, bolognese sauce, salami, hotdog, artichokes, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, fresh chilli, garlic


Pollo Milanese£11.50
Breast of chicken fried inn egg and breadcrumbs, served with spaghetti & tomato sauce (or a choice of side below)
Pollo Cacciatore£12.50
Breast of chicken cooked in a rich red wine sauce with mushrooms, onions and garlic
Pollo alla Crema£12.50
Breast of chicken cooked in white wine, mushrooms and cream sauce
Pollo Picante£13.00
Chicken cooked in peppers, onions, garlic, chilli pepper, white wine and tomato with a touch of cream
Pollo Ravenna£13.95
Chicken filled with ham, bacon, and mozzarella cheese, topped with asparagus, baked in the oven, cooked in white wine and tomato sauce with a touch of cream

Pesce (Fish)

Pesce Spada£15.50
Sword fish steak, pan-fried with garlic, black pepper, onions and white wine
Salmon and prawns cooked in white wine, garlic, tomato and cream
Tonno Provincale£15.50
Tuna steak with tomatoes, garlic, wine and a little chilli

Bistecca (Steaks)

Bistecca Alla Griglia (Sirloin)£17.50
Ribeye Alla Griglia £18.50
Aldo's Home-made sauces£1.95
Brandy, wine & cream sauce with onions and mushrooms
Garlic, mushroom, red wine, tomato & brandy
Tomato, olive, capers and garlic
Peppers, onions, chilli and garlic cooked in a tomato sauce with white wine and cream
Al Pepe
Demi-glace, red wine, English mustard and cream
Alla Crema
Cream and mushroom sauce, white wine and brandy
Al Aglio
White wine, garlic, demi-glace and a touch of cream
Porco Marsala£13.95
Pan-fried pork fillet with onions and mushrooms in a Marsala wine and cream sauce
Porco Aldo£13.95
Pork fillet in a sauce of peppers, mushrooms, white wine and a touch of chilli
Porco Milanese£12.50
Pork fillet fried in egg and breadcrumbs, served with spaghetti and a tomato sauce (or a choice of side below)


Penne Pomodoro & Formaggio(V)£7.50
Cheese and tomato sauce
Spaghetti Napolitana(V)£6.95
Pasta with fresh basil and tomato sauce
Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino(V)£7.15
Flavoured with garlic, olive oil, chilli pepper and tomato
Lasagne Vegetariana(V)£8.40
Layers of pasta with spinach, mushrooms, aubergines, mixed veg, cheese and tomato sauce
Melanzana alla Parmigiana(V)£8.40
Layers of aubergines and fresh tomatoes, cooked with herbs and basil, topped with mozzarella and parmesan
Tortellini alla Florentine(V)£9.50
Pasta filled and cooked with fresh spinach in a cream and tomato sauce
Cannelone Al Formaggi(V)£9.95
Pancake filled with mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, parmesan, egg, cream and spinach topped with tomato and bechamel and baked in the oven
Grilled Vegetarian Terrine(V)£9.00
Layered aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, peppers and onions baked with cheese and tomato
Polpette Piccane (Falafel)(V)£9.00
Pan-fried veg ball, cooked in peppers and onions with garlic, chilli peppers, white wine, tomato and a touch of cream
Tortellini all Panna£9.95
Pasta filled with spinach and ricotta, cooked in a cream sauce

Bambini Menu

Includes a soft drink and ice cream£4.50
Small pizza
Meatballs, tomato and chips
Sausage and chips
Chicken nuggets and chips
Spaghetti Bolognese


Fried mushrooms£3.50
Onion rings£2.00

Bar Beverages

Bottle Beers / Cider£0.00
House Wine - Bianco - Rosso - Rose£0.00
75cl Bottle£12.95
Small Glass - 125ml£2.70
Large Glass - 250ml£4.70
Soft Drinks£1.50
Coke - Lemonade£2.30
Mineral water - Sparkling - Still£2.50
Fresh Fruit Juice£2.30
Apple - Orange Cranberry£2.30
Orange & passion fruit, apple & mango, apple & raspberry or apple BS
Kopparberg - Strawberry & Lime/Mixed Fruit£4.50
Bulmers - Apple/Pear£4.20

Cocktails £5.95


Mojito is a refreshing drink compromising of ice topped with rum, lime juice, pressed mint leaves, sugar and soda water.

Strawberry Daiquiri

White rum, blended with ice, lime juice, strawberries & sugar.


Vodka, cointreau, lime & cranberry juice server with ice.

Sex on the Beach

Peach schnapps, vodka, orange & cranberry juice mixed in a cocktail shaker served with ice.

Malibu Sunset

Malibu, orange & pineapple juice mixed in a cocktail shaker served with ice.


Pimms & lemonade garnished with strawberry, orange, cucumber & mint served with ice.

Italian Breeze

Disaronno & white rum mixed in a cocktail shaker with pineapple & cranberry juice served with ice.


Tequila, cointreau & fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice then strained in to a salt rimmed glass

White Russian

Tia Maria & vodka filled with ice topped with cream & chocolate shavings


Creme de Menth & creme de Cacao server with ice & a touch of cream.

Baileys Chocolatini

Original baileys Irish cream, vodka & chocolate syrup mixed in a cocktail shaker served with ice topped with chocolate shavings.

House Wine - Vino Della Casa

Pinot Grigio£15.95
Light crisp texture, dry gentle and pleasantly bitter
Sauvignon Blanc£16.95
Dry, full and well flavoured with undertones of green hazelnuts
Orvietto Abbocato£16.95
Traditional wine, crisp and dry.
Verdicchio Classico£16.95
One of Italy's best dry wines.
Sicilian white wine, excellent choice with fish and white meats.
Fresh Fragrant style and delicate green apple fruit character.

Red Wines

Medium bodied ruby red - intense fruity flavours.
Chianti Classico from Tuscany£19.95
A well structured, well balanced wine with ripe cherry fruit and raspberries on the nose and a rich, savoury character on the palate
High in alcoholic content, full of flavour and deep in colour, a beautiful wine from Puglia. A perfect choice on its own or with a variety of dishes, meats and cheeses.
Negro Amaro£16.95
Deep red in colour richly flavoured and full of character, it is one of the fascinating grapes and unique to the deep south of Italy.
Valpolicella Classico£17.95
Bright ruby red in colour with a palate of full of ripe red cherry and succulent plum flavours.
This wine has a ruby-red colour with purple tints, a fruity, fragrant bouquet with hints of wild berries and a fresh, delicate taste.
Nero D'Avola from Sicily£14.95
Spicy berry undertones with complex, natural aromas and flavours inherent to the Nero D'Avola grape variety. Easy to drink with delicious flavour.

Rose Wines

Pinot Grigio Blush£12.95
Italy's favourite grape in a pink version deliciously crispy and fresh.
California's most popular Rose grape, soft and full of fruit flavours. Medium and easy drinking.
Rose Estate - Chile£15.95
Well balanced red ripe fruit flavours and refreshing acidity

Signiture Red Wines

Barolo can truly claim to be the King of Italian wines; produced in the northern Italian region of Piedmont from most individual of grapes - Nebbiolo. The wine offers a unique structure of mouth filling acidity and tannin with an aroma and flavour of remarkable delicacy. It is the ultimate expression of the Nebbiolo grape and most defiantly, a connoisseur wine.
Amarone is produced in the region of Veneto by estates that make Valpolicella, one of the most popular wines in this area in Northeastern Italy. The same grapes, primarily Corvina along with Rondinella and Molinara, are used to produce Amarone. But the difference between the two wines is usually striking; where Valpolicella is a medium weight wine meant for consumption with lighter fare within its first three to five year, Amarone is a much more robust wine that is perfect with game birds or other such stur
Signiture White Wines Lugana£19.95
An intense wine with elegant floral and citrus fruity notes particularly of peach, grape, pineapple and grapefruit. This has a good body and an attractive softness, with a dry finish.
Elegant nose delicate aromas of white flowers. Strong character, defined, with good acidity, lingering finish with notes of almond.
Sauvignon Blanc - Italy£18.95
Produced in the province of Trapani, Sicily. Bright yellow in colour with hints of fresh citrus fruits. Aromatic and well balanced. Perfect with seafood and cheeses.

Wines from around the World

Vivid garnet-red colour with violet reflections close to the rim. Intense and young with fruity nuances on the nose mixed with a hint of liquorice and balsamic notes. Soft and velvety to taste.
Shiraz Australia£15.95
Deep red in colour, this wine is packed with aromas of spices, blackberries, vanilla and liquorice. Dry and soft to taste with full and pleasing length
Chenin Blanc - South Africa£14.95
A zesty Chenin Blanc brimming with tropical flavours and golden delicious apple whiffs. Refreshing with a nice crisp finish and lingering aftertaste.

Champagne & Sparkling Wines